Spiritual State of Taiwan

Here is a video of our tour of Taiwan last night. Phil Nickolson, OMF Director and Ed Stetzer share the spiritual state of Taiwan.

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Ed Stetzer Blog on Jet Set

This is from ED STETZER’S WEBSITE: http://www.edstetzer.com:

I am blogging from Taiwan. You can’t get much farther away from Nashville.

While here I will be working with the Upstream Collective and another organization. For some contextual reasons, I won’t be saying the name of that organization in my blog posts.

And, as you can tell we will be avoiding some other terms as well. Many of our M friends move between different regions in the area and they have asked us to be careful.

I am bringing several pastors with me on the trip and we will be post video content here are on several other blogs. Our hope is that we might give some global focus on the missional conservation.

Here are some of my friends who will be posting content in the next week.

Andrew Jones (Tall Skinny Kiwi)
J.D. Greear
Matt Chandler
Ed Stetzer
David Phillips (Integrating Missionally)
Almost an M
Michael Carpenter (Dining with Sinners)
Derek Webster (re:frame)
Grady Bauer (Missional Space)
C. Holland (Missionary Confidential)
Kevin Mullins (Life.Outpoured)
Guy Muse (The M Blog)
Ray Short (Cultural Dichotomy)
Todd Littleton (The Edge of the Inside)
Paul Chambers Cox (OMS International)
Tim Patterson (Travel Light)
Justin Powell (Urban Idealist)
David Jackson (Moving at the Speed of God)
Ernest Goodman (Missions Misunderstood)
David Putman (DavidPutmanLive)

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Jet Set Vision Tour Asia


You’ll be able to keep up with our every move via  TwitterEd Stetzer’s blog, the Upstream Collective blog, and  at Dining with Sinners. Blogging friends (a full list will be published shortly) will follow along to provide running commentary and video of our adventures will be posted on the  Upstream’s YouTube Channel.

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Vision Trip Day One Video

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Vision Trip Blog – Day One September 18, 2009

Just arrived at Incheon, Korea. I have a seven hour lay over before I
head to Taipei. On the plane, I had an interesting conversation with a
Chinese gentleman in his 70’s who lived most of his life in Atlanta,
GA. I asked him if he went to church. He told me that he worked all
his life at a Chinese restaurant and never could go to church. But he
did say that he alway thought Christians were the nicest people. He
had a very favorable impression of Christians, and even told me that
one of his brothers became a Christian and is now serving in the
church. One day he would like to go, but now in China, he doesn’t know
too many Christians. I encouraged him to start looking for a church,
hopefully his brother can continue to share with him.

Two quick lessons: Be nice. Our testimony is either enhanced by our
behavior or repelled by our behavior. Second lesson, sharing our faith
is not a one person show. God is working through multitude of people
behind the scenes. In other words, it doesn’t depend on one person. We
all work together.

Later, I will share with you the stress of the first day. (hint: lost
my passport two hours before my flight . . . )

Check out my blog with whole bunch of facts, videos and insights on
Taiwan and Vietnam. https://transformission.wordpress.com

Also, our team of pastors has a blog on our travels:


Keep me in your prayers to be led by the Spirit of God on these vision

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The Power of an Invitation

Yesterday, I spoke on the need for us to living out missional lives. We can do this by praying, building redemptive relationship and inviting people to church. It may sound simple, but the reality of being inviters is not an easy task. Developing a culture where we can begin inviting people to church, can be a first step in learning how to share the Gospel. Of course, it will take more than an invitation, but it is a start to break out of our “Christianeze” subculture.

If you are unsure of how to invite someone. Take a look at this site: HOW TO INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH.

Here is a story about the Power of an Invitation from an student from Inter Varsity.

Here is a fun video of inviting someone to church. Top 10 Ways to Invite Someone.

SECOND WIND THIS SUNDAY – I would love for you to share your stories of how you came to church.

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The Power of God’s Word to Transform Us

Last night in our Board meeting, we discussed briefly how we are doing in our reading of Scripture. As we spent the summer going through WIND (Word in Ninety Days), some shared that it was a daunting task, trying to tackle so much in such a sort period of time.

Some of you might feel this ways as well. But, then as we shared, we were encourage to hear one of our leaders says, “Just reading God’s Word has been such a powerful thing.” I am constantly reminded that reading God’s Word and Prayer is the Bread and Water for our souls, without it we would all die!

The Word of God does change lives. Here is a short story from Rick Warren’s books, God’s Power to Change Your Life.

Has the Bible transformed your life? I heard about a converted cannibal on an island in the South Seas who was sitting by a large pot reading his Bible when an anthropologist wearing a pith helmet approached him and asked, “What are you doing?”

“The native replied, “I’m reading the Bible.” The anthropologist scoffed and said, “Don’t you know that modern, civilized man has rejected that book? It’s nothing but a pack of lies. You shouldn’t waste your time reading it.” The cannibal looked him over from head to toe and slowly replied, “Sir, if it weren’t for this book, you’d be in that pot!”

The Word of God had changed his life — and his appetite. If you are serious about changing your life, you are going to have to get into the Bible. You need to read it, study it, memorize it, meditate on it, and apply it”

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