Vision Trip Blog – Day One September 18, 2009

Just arrived at Incheon, Korea. I have a seven hour lay over before I
head to Taipei. On the plane, I had an interesting conversation with a
Chinese gentleman in his 70’s who lived most of his life in Atlanta,
GA. I asked him if he went to church. He told me that he worked all
his life at a Chinese restaurant and never could go to church. But he
did say that he alway thought Christians were the nicest people. He
had a very favorable impression of Christians, and even told me that
one of his brothers became a Christian and is now serving in the
church. One day he would like to go, but now in China, he doesn’t know
too many Christians. I encouraged him to start looking for a church,
hopefully his brother can continue to share with him.

Two quick lessons: Be nice. Our testimony is either enhanced by our
behavior or repelled by our behavior. Second lesson, sharing our faith
is not a one person show. God is working through multitude of people
behind the scenes. In other words, it doesn’t depend on one person. We
all work together.

Later, I will share with you the stress of the first day. (hint: lost
my passport two hours before my flight . . . )

Check out my blog with whole bunch of facts, videos and insights on
Taiwan and Vietnam.

Also, our team of pastors has a blog on our travels:


Keep me in your prayers to be led by the Spirit of God on these vision


About Ray Chang

I currently serve as the Senior Pastor of Ambassador Church in Brea. My mission is to make disciples from all nationalities, equip the next generation of leaders and plant as many churches I can in my lifetime – all to expand God’s kingdom and bring fame to His Name. I am a husband, father to two beautiful twin girls, and an avid technophile. I love anything with an Apple logo and with the letter “i” attached to it – iPhone, iMac, iLife which all leads to iambroke. You can follow me on
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