The Power of an Invitation

Yesterday, I spoke on the need for us to living out missional lives. We can do this by praying, building redemptive relationship and inviting people to church. It may sound simple, but the reality of being inviters is not an easy task. Developing a culture where we can begin inviting people to church, can be a first step in learning how to share the Gospel. Of course, it will take more than an invitation, but it is a start to break out of our “Christianeze” subculture.

If you are unsure of how to invite someone. Take a look at this site: HOW TO INVITE SOMEONE TO CHURCH.

Here is a story about the Power of an Invitation from an student from Inter Varsity.

Here is a fun video of inviting someone to church. Top 10 Ways to Invite Someone.

SECOND WIND THIS SUNDAY – I would love for you to share your stories of how you came to church.


About Ray Chang

I currently serve as the Senior Pastor of Ambassador Church in Brea. My mission is to make disciples from all nationalities, equip the next generation of leaders and plant as many churches I can in my lifetime – all to expand God’s kingdom and bring fame to His Name. I am a husband, father to two beautiful twin girls, and an avid technophile. I love anything with an Apple logo and with the letter “i” attached to it – iPhone, iMac, iLife which all leads to iambroke. You can follow me on
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